Professional Communication Studies

Second-year Undergraduate

Courses for Second Year Undergraduate Students

The courses in Professional Communication are grounded in proven theory and incorporate skills required for communication in the workplace. The contents of courses cover:

  • analysis of readership and audience
  • structuring messages and techniques for readability
  • selecting vocabulary to create suitable style and tone
  • formats for correspondence, reports and summaries
  • professional presentations
  • visual literacy

The aim of the course is to equip students with practical skills to enable them to plan and present persuasive oral presentations and oral reports; to function effectively in small group activities; to prepare and write business and technical reports. The approach to learning translates theory into skills-based modules. Participants are expected to attend all modules.

The textbook on communication principles and methods incorporating all aspects of the courses is:

English, J., Fielding, M., Howard, E. & Van Der Merwe, N., (2006) Professional Communication: Effective Written and Spoken Messages. Kenwyn: Juta