Professional Communication Studies

Course Overview

The courses aim to equip students with essential theory and skills in the areas of oral, written and interpersonal communication, so that they will be able to function more effectively at the university and in their professional careers.

For specific courses within the Faculty of EBE, please consult the UG and PG Handbooks.

Outcomes of the courses are knowledge, skills and ability in:

  • Reports and executive summaries to company and public readership
  • Business proposals
  • Presentation skills
  • Visual literacy and graphics
  • Posters: Wix.Com, and traditional
  • Research methods using libraries, academic sources, Internet
  • Referencing and citation
  • Letters of application and detailed CVs
  • Academic writing: proposals and theses

Courses are given on:

  • Business Writing
    Report writing; Business proposals and plans; Correspondence; Writing skills;
  • Spoken Communication
    Individual and Group Presentations;
  • Managerial and Interpersonal Communication
    Assertiveness training and group skills;
  • Negotiating skills and conflict management; Creative thinking and problem solving;
  • Time management
  •  Meetings: Agenda and Minutes
  • Professional Profiling
    CVs; Job applications; Job interviewing;
  • VIisual Communication

Products offered are:

  • Reference Book
    English, J., Burt, S., Nudelman, G, (2017) Professional Communication: Effective Written, Spoken and Visual Messages. Clarement: Juta
  • Online course/textbook (trainer and student)
    English, J, De Jager, K., Howard, E. & Van Der Merwe, N., (2006) Professional Communication: Effective Written and Spoken Messages. EDUFLEX.COM